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Chairman of The Board of Directors
Takanori Nakajyo

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"To the true production of convivial society sake"
In present Japan, various problems about the education in homes, such as truancy and on-line dependence, or a school are taken up.
Moreover, while the necessity for pressure-free education is searched for, the fall of academic ability is also regarded as questionable and it is still in the state under grope about the way of Saturday and Sunday in a home which is unenthusiastically effective.
Furthermore, the importance of communication in communities, such as abuse to a junior and reduction in the age of a case of bodily injury, and an accident and an incident, is asked.
This association regards a "brains sport" as "culture", and is sure that new directivity is found out to the educational problem and family environment which has occurred in the present Japanese society as what can study that it is various in addition to the usual education in a school.
A view is spread, thinking power is heightened and perseverance is supported.
The soul of a sport is learned from competitive power and cooperativeness, and communications skills are raised.
International exchange with many foreign countries is promoted, linguistic capacity is supported, and it contributes to global peace.
These activation of the area can contribute to healthy training of youth in various forms like, and according to social participation promotion of elderly people or a disabled person and all the members participation etc. continues activity in the future as what is useful for true "production of convivial society."
You understand the meaning of this association if you please, and I ask you to give me cooperation.

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Chairman of The Board of Directors  Takanori Nakajyo
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